Known for years and with a name that has always been a quality and standard for taste and service, Gloria has secured a special name in the Albanian market.

Gloria Boutique Hotel Restaurant has many years that is offering good specialty, great service, high standarts accommodation, and pursue the aim to meet all the requirements of your Customer.Today Gloria Boutique Hotel Restaurant has a wide range of specialties for all tastes and flavors and, based on the local cuisine we also offer Italian, Mediterranean and many other cuisines.

Gloria has become your best partner offering you all the comfort you want, where you can try different dishes and wines.Known for years and situated near the center of the capital of Albania, our restaurant is a suitable environment to enjoy the best moments with your friends and not only.Special dishes, fantastic service and a perfect environment for all ages.The restaurant now located on the top floor of Hotel Boutique Gloria and there can taste and a pleasant view. Yo can Find us very easy to near Qemal Stafa Street in Tirana, near the school Fan Noli.

You are welcome any time of the day to cook your favorite foods, spend a great time with your company and feel the comfort and love that characterizes our restaurant.