About us


Gloria Restaurant was and is one of the most famous restaurants in Tirana. Since 2016 we have investet in creating a bigger place to fit in all our services. Gloria Boutique Hotel was created and we were ready to once again put standards and to serve the customer with the best service.

Gloria Boutique Hotel Restaurant is located near the center of Tirana the capital of Albania. Albania is a beautiful place located in South eastern Europe and is a highly perspective place for tourism and investment. This a climate so perfect for vacations and mountains, sea and pure nature they bond all together to give to anyone the best experience.

Our Boutique Hotel is a place you must visit in Tirana to enjoy our special food, and have a great accommodation experience. We are complete and fully capable of offering you proper accommodation at our unique hotel rooms. The rooms have unique design, thought to give you relaxation and comfort. The furniture and bed are of the latest technologies that gives you the best sleep experience. A flat tv, air condition, safe box, wireless free and many other services for anyone.

We have a big parking lot for your car where you can leave your car or motorcycle. We have surveillance cameras everywhere so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. You just book your room here, don’t worry for all the other things. We care about those!